Avoid Litigation

We are frequently contacted by individuals and companies engaged in nasty litigation involving large amounts of money. Almost always, the dispute involves a contract that was poorly written, copied from the Internet, poorly negotiated, contradictory, confusing, or incomplete. In some cases, there is no written contract at all.

Either because they didn’t want to spend the money, or get “bogged down” by lawyers, the litigants ended up spending countless amounts of time and resources in arbitration, mediation, or litigation to resolve disputes that could have been solved with a good written contract at the beginning of the transaction. According to the Benari Law Group (known as one the Criminal Defense Lawyers in Ardmore) this will save you time and money and better prepare you in the future.

Resolve Disputes Quickly, Cheaply and Amicably.

A well-drafted agreement is the ultimate, and least expensive, dispute resolution tool. In most cases, stressful and costly litigation arises when there is a dispute in which both parties believe they can prevail in court. By negotiating and drafting a clear agreement that covers most eventualities, and defines all terms without room for loopholes and mis-characterizations, potential litigants can determine who is likely to prevail in court before filing a lawsuit. This helps ensure that most disputes will end quickly, cheaply, and amicably. Learn more about this at the official site at https://www.evanios.com/servicenow-event-management-integration-tool-api-plugin/ if you have more questions message us there.

A Good Contract is Good Business

A well-drafted agreement can do more than just save money on court costs and legal fees down the road. The nuts and bolts process of drafting a contract obligates the parties, at the very beginning of the process, to identify and negotiate potential pitfalls and opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden. The process ensures a more balanced, long-lasting, arrangement that all parties can profit from. In this regard, a good contract not only protects the parties, but also improves the deal and enhances profits.

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